Final occupancy certificate, pools and puppies!

We’ve been working hard to get our landscaping finished off so that we can get our final occupancy certificate. We booked it in for today, which gave our Colin, our landscaper, a deadline to work towards. Actually, the inspection was … Continue reading

An update on the pool

There isn’t one.

The only difference between now and last time I posted about the pool is that the pool is once again full of dirty water from the rain. We are at a bit of a crossroads, we need to decide how we want the final design to look, and we keep changing our minds about paving, decking etc. Then when we do finally decide and agree on something, we find out from council that it won’t be allowed! Hint: apparently timber decking must be 900mm off the boundary fences. There goes that idea of a nice timber feature at the end of the pool… If only the council websites had more detailed information, life would be so much easier!

On a brighter note however, we do now have boundary fences, which also means we have some privacy! Finally! The block next door to us is now under construction, and it was getting a bit tiring coming downstairs at 7am in the dark, wearing a dressing gown and a towel wrapped around my just-washed hair, heading to the kitchen to turn on the kettle for a morning coffee, only to be greeted by a bunch of builders right outside my window, looking at me. That fence had to be erected, it became urgent! And thankfully we have good neighbours and future neighbours, and both fences are now done (actually they are finishing the last fence as I write this).

So here’s to privacy, and to hopefully finishing off this pool before summer!