Final occupancy certificate, pools and puppies!

We’ve been working hard to get our landscaping finished off so that we can get our final occupancy certificate. We booked it in for today, which gave our Colin, our landscaper, a deadline to work towards. Actually, the inspection was a secondary deadline – we also bought the kids a surprise puppy, so Colin had to complete the back yard before Pretzel, the miniature Schnauzer, arrived on 2nd November! He finished with a few days to spare, and Pretzel now has a semi-turfed, fenced and retained back yard to run around in, which he loves!

And evidently, so did the inspector, because he issued our final occupancy certificate!

I have to say I was a little surprised by how quick and easy the whole process was. The little things that I was concerned about (like the pool still not being finished) were not a concern at all (as it’s on a separate DA). So I’m pretty happy that we have passed another milestone in our building journey, and we now have final occupancy ticked off the list!

As for the pool, well, it’s still a work in progress. BUT it should be finished in the next week or two hopefully. We have completed the tiling around the coping and the waterline, and now we’re just waiting for a fence inspection, then it can be finished off. Hooray!


Pool coping & waterline tiles


Turf, fences and retaining wall




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