Maintenance still not finished…

Talk about a slow process! Front porch re-tiling was done last week, and they were back today to do the grout. In the rain. So now the porch is sheeted in plastic and we can’t walk on it for 2 days. Hmmm. Still waiting though for the “silicone guy” to come back and fix up our ensuite shower niche – I’ve been told a few times now by the tiling company that this would be happening – so far he hasn’t turned up.

We had to get the plumbers back out too. I’ve been phoning Sydney Water pretty much ever since we moved in, asking for them to please come out and connect our recycled water meter. And nothing ever happens. I finally got sick of waiting for them last week and lodged a formal complaint. Suddenly they were interested, called me, did some investigating, and it turns out that the pipes were installed too close together, and too low into the ground, so despite a number of attempts by Sydney Water, they couldn’t connect the meter. Would have been nice for them to tell me that in the first place! Anyway, plumbers came back yesterday, pipes are now sitting up significantly higher than they were, and hopefully Sydney Water will come back and finally fit the water meter!

The painters were back on the weekend and did all the final touch ups. So once the silicone guy comes back, I think we’ll finally be finished inside!

Now if only the rain would stop, we might even be able to get the pool finished off!

I guess Rome wasn’t built in a day…….


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