Maintenance is almost done!

I mentioned in a post a little while back that we were going through the maintenance period, as a result of our 13 week inspection. We’re still waiting on a few things to be done, but we’re almost there!

So far, we have had all the fiddly little things done – repairs to nicks and chips in the walls, loose door handles, sticky pop-up plugs, rough carpet edges, etc etc.

We have had some major works done too, with some tiles in our kitchen needing to be lifted, the slab underneath needing to be jackhammered up to remove a lump, and new tiles laid. That made a hell of a mess, and I’m still cleaning up dust! We were very fortunate that we were able to get tiles in the same shade – each batch of tiles, even though they’re the same colour, always differ slightly from previous batches, but thankfully the tiles we have are a 99% match to what was originally laid. If you didn’t know, you’d never notice!

We are having our front porch re-tiled next week, from when the brick cleaning process damaged them. Thankfully this is outside so the dust shouldn’t permeate every nook and cranny of the house like the kitchen tiles did!

We’re still waiting for the driveway to be re-sealed. Not sure why but we have some large white patches that came through a few weeks after we moved in. Apparently re-sealing will fix this.

And the painter is booked to come back and do the final touchups on the repaired areas.

I just wanted to say, again, that Wisdom have been extremely helpful and accommodating throughout this process. Nothing has been a problem for them. We did have one issue regarding some damaged windows, where we had acid damage on the outside of the glass. Wisdom initially said that they wouldn’t do anything about this because it wasn’t picked up at handover. However, when we explained that it was raining on the day of handover, as well as the days before and after, and it would have been impossible to see the damage due to the rain on the windows, they agreed to have the windows replaced. I wasn’t quite so thrilled with that solution though – very generous of them, but then I started thinking about the mess, and the sheer scale of the job (we’re talking about some very large windows). So we came to a compromise – I sourced a professional glass polishing company who specialise in graffiti and acid damage removal, and they paid. The deal was that if it didn’t work, we’d pay, and they’d replace the windows. Thankfully it worked, and was a win/win. We didn’t have any inconvenience from having building work done in our loungeroom, and Wisdom surely saved money by not having to replace the windows!

So we’re almost at the end of the line as far as our involvement with Wisdom goes. Once these final things are done, I guess we’re on our own as they will have fulfilled all of their obligations.

So to Wisdom, thank you. Thank you for our amazing house, thank you for your staff who always go above and beyond and kept us in the loop the whole time, and thank you for making the building process so incredibly easy and stress-free! If I ever build again, it would be another Wisdom home for sure!

The end result


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