13 week maintenance inspection

Holy cow Batman, we’ve had our 13 week inspection! Can’t believe we’ve been in our new home for almost 4 months. It really didn’t take long for us to feel like we were ‘at home’, and we have settled in so well.

Someone from Wisdom came out almost 2 weeks ago and conducted our 13 week maintenance inspection. This is a standard event that happens with all new homes – after roughly 3 months, the builder comes back out and goes through any issues that you may have. Things that, in the scheme of things, are generally relatively minor or cosmetic, but which aren’t immediately apparent when you first move in. For instance, after a few weeks, the house begins to ‘settle’ and so you may see some small cracks in the cornices or grout.

Our maintenance list was quite extensive, but there was nothing really significant on it. But as this is a new house, we expect that it will be finished ‘as new’, and so we sighted everything that we weren’t 100% happy with, from paint drips on a linen press door, through to acid damage on a large window (ok, so maybe some of the things were significant).

One thing that we are 100% certain of is that the house doesn’t leak! With all the rain that Sydney has had lately, it was the perfect test for us. I did expect the house to slide down the hill at one stage during a particularly heavy deluge, but it stood strong!

It turns out that the man who did the inspection has also bought a block of land in the estate, so I guess it’s in his best interest to keep all of us Wisdom clients happy – we know where he lives! (joking, honestly…)

Wisdom, as always, were extremely efficient in their dealings with us regarding the maintenance inspection. They even emailed us a week before to remind us to get our list in! And within an hour of receiving it, they had called to make the appointment for the inspection. And today, not quite 2 weeks after the inspection, the report has been written up and the tradies have been booked. They’ll all be here on Thursday 5th April to fix everything.

I am still astounded by just how quickly and efficiently they built our home! We are surrounded by homes under construction. In our stretch of the street, there are 3 homes under construction, and two of them are Wisdom. The other is Clarendon. It started months ago. Not long after ours in fact. It still hasn’t finished. The two Wisdom homes started at least 2 months after the Clarendon. They are almost completed. And they’re not just knocking up houses with no regard for quality. They just seem to be able to manage the process better than some of the other builders. There are always tradesmen onsite. Always. Even on weekends. I saw one home being built, and the painters were there at night, painting by torch light! Just quietly, I’m glad it wasn’t my house, but still, you have to admire their commitment!

So we are now almost officially at the end of our building experience. Was it stressful? No. Was it exciting? Yes. Would I do it again? If I had to. Would I build with Wisdom again? Yes. And was it worth it? A resounding YES!

Now, for the landscaping…….


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