Lock up is approaching

It’s been a while since I’ve updated and so much has happened with the house!

We are now almost at lock up. The bricks are finished and have been cleaned. The cladding has started to be installed. The rendering on the balcony is finished. The roof is almost finished – they are working on the ground floor eaves & fascias today, and should install the balance of the roofing sheets today or tomorrow.

The aircon ducting has been installed and is being boxed in. And the electricals have been roughed in.

Last week we had HowardRyan from H&K Ryan come and do a mid-build inspection for us, and his report showed a few things that needed to be done, but nothing really significant. Glad we spent the money to get the report done though – with this kind of investment, it’s worth making sure things are right!

So hopefully we’re only about 12-14 weeks away from handover. We are still aiming for the end of November, and The Amazing Joe has confirmed this. For me, it can’t come soon enough! I’m tired of renting… tired of living on top of each other, tired of having to move my 2yr old into our bedroom every time my 16ry old step son stays over (every weekend), tired of not having a dishwasher, tired of living on top of my neighbours. You get the picture. We’ve been here for 12 months longer than we’d originally hoped, and while renting for us was a necessity, and simply a means to an end, it’s definitely now past its used-by date, and we’re ready to get out of here.


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