Roof Trusses…

The roof trusses have now been put up, and essentially our frame is complete. We can’t believe how quickly all this has happened. We went out to the site on the weekend, and it was so easy to now visualise how things are going to look, seeing the frame in place. It’s so gratifying to finally see our dream taking shape, after living and breathing nothing but plans and paperwork for almost a year.

I spoke today to Joe, our site supervisor, who from now on I think I shall refer to as The Amazing Joe. The Amazing Joe told me that the frame is now complete, our windows have been delivered, and he’s just waiting to find out when he can get the bricks delivered, so that the brickwork can commence. I’m loving this whole trend of things happening ahead of schedule, and really hope that they continue to forge ahead, taking advantage of the dry weather while they can.

So here’s the house so far, taken today from the other side of the park.


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