Windows and doors have now been installed, and our first lot of bricks were delivered a little over a week ago, and thankfully they didn’t float away with all the rain we’ve had! The weather has been pretty awful – it rained all last week, and this week has been lovely, but freezing, and it’s actually been snowing in Katoomba today. It is meant to stay fine through to the end of the weekend though, which is good news, as I spoke to The Amazing Joe yesterday, who told me that as soon as the brickies finish their current job, they’ll be starting on ours. Hopefully on Friday!

I took Dad out to the block last week, and helped him to squeeze through the fence and have a wander around. He was very impressed by how much work had been done in such a short space of time. And for the first time, he even seemed excited for us. Progress!


Roof Trusses…

The roof trusses have now been put up, and essentially our frame is complete. We can’t believe how quickly all this has happened. We went out to the site on the weekend, and it was so easy to now visualise how things are going to look, seeing the frame in place. It’s so gratifying to finally see our dream taking shape, after living and breathing nothing but plans and paperwork for almost a year.

I spoke today to Joe, our site supervisor, who from now on I think I shall refer to as The Amazing Joe. The Amazing Joe told me that the frame is now complete, our windows have been delivered, and he’s just waiting to find out when he can get the bricks delivered, so that the brickwork can commence. I’m loving this whole trend of things happening ahead of schedule, and really hope that they continue to forge ahead, taking advantage of the dry weather while they can.

So here’s the house so far, taken today from the other side of the park.

Frame is up!

Our frame was delivered to site on Saturday, which we discovered when we drove out on Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately the weather was terrible and we were seriously hoping that the frame wouldn’t float away!

It rained on Saturday afternoon. It rained on Sunday. And it poured on Monday! So on Tuesday when I took a drive out to the site (more to make sure nobody had done anything to the frame!) I was very pleased to see that the steel beams were being delivered (in the pouring rain).

Finally on Wednesday the weather started to clear, so my drive to the site uncovered some builders out there, organising the jigsaw pieces. And on Wednesday afternoon when I drove back out there, there was actually some progress – the frame had started being erected.

On Thursday they completed the lower level framework, and this morning we took a drive out to discover the that crane was onsite moving things up:

I had imaged that this would be a fairly big job, and so when we went out there again this afternoon to play in the park, we certainly weren’t expecting to see this!

It looks so imposing from the park!

Now all we need are the roof trusses before another enormous progress payment bill arrives in my email inbox. Yay!!!