The Bathroom!

It’s been a long time coming, but this week we have finally seen the first evidence that we are actually about to build a house!

I received a message yesterday from one of our friendly future neighbours, to tell me that we now have sediment-control fencing, and a Port-A-Loo onsite! Of course, I had to take a drive past today to see for myself, and sure enough, there was a fence, a toilet, and a pile of gravel which is presumably for the temporary driveway.


Construction Certificate & Sign Off – Woo Hoo!!

This has been a very busy week, and my eyes are bloodshot from pouring over plans and lists of variations, to make sure that we haven’t forgotten anything, and to make sure that Wisdom have got everything that we want included on our plans. We found a few little things that were overlooked, nothing major, but I was pleased to have picked them up, as it could have caused issues down the track. Little things like our balcony balustrade – on our end panel (final tender and variation list) it correctly showed our balustrade railing has having been upgraded to chrome, but on the plans it still referred to a powder coated balustrade. And our outdoor taps were in the wrong spot on the plans too, so we picked up those few things, had the plans amended, and signed off.

Today I got a phone call from The Lovely Sandi to advise that our job had been signed off, and that our construction certificate was also received today. So our 20 days officially begins tomorrow! The 20 days refers to 20 working days that the builder has before they have to officially be on site. So during the next 20 days, all of our materials will be ordered, the fencing will be erected on site, port-a-loo will be delivered, etc etc, and then we’ll see a site scrape hopefully within the next couple of weeks.

I feel like our journey has been going on forever, and we haven’t even started yet! But I think all the plans and certificates are the longest part of the process. I visited the display home last week, and Andrew said that a lot of the other homes that had been completed recently had been done in record time – 5 months or so – so it would be nice if our home could be included in the “list of homes completed by Wisdom in record time”! I worked out that if they don’t start on site until the very end of the 20 working days, then we will be in the house by 10th November, which is 26 weeks exactly. That’s providing it doesn’t rain for the next 7 months! Could we be that lucky?

I also got a message from one of our future neighbours, Stefan, on Monday to say that our neighbour’s site was being scraped. I’m so jealous! I know it’s silly, but our block was the first to settle in that particular part of the estate, and I really, really wanted to be the first to start!! Plus, they’re building a single storey, so they’ll be in well before us. Oh well, so long as we’re in for Christmas, I couldn’t stand spending another Christmas in this place!

A Great Neighbourhood

We had another neighbours catch up yesterday. I’m so looking forward to becoming a full time member of this fantastic neighbourhood! Whilst there were only a few of us this time around, we still had a great afternoon, watching the kids play in the park, while we chatted and enjoyed nibbles and a few drinks.

Afterwards, we went back to one of the neighbours homes, who are lucky enough to already be living at SCR, and we had a look at their beautiful home. They have also built a Manhattan, but they have made some very significant changes, to the point that it is barely recognisable as the same house we’re building! For starters, it’s ENORMOUS! And there are rooms where we won’t have rooms, and balconies where we won’t have balconies. It’s actually really good to see it looking so different, because there are so many Manhattan’s being built in the estate that I was worried they’d all look the same!

With some reluctance we left the estate on Saturday afternoon, back to our little townhouse in St Marys, where we bump into one another in the kitchen, fight for space in the small (and only) bathroom, and constantly trip over all the toys that are in the loungeroom, because they have nowhere else to go. And we continue to long for our new home, so that we have room to spread out, and be part of a fantastic community!

Little Red Pegs

I drove past the block yesterday, and noticed 4 little red pegs. We are still waiting for our construction certificate to come through, but it looks like someone is being an eager beaver and getting a head start. I asked The Lovely Sandi what they are for, and she said they are the excavation pegs (house pegs).

I know it’s only something really small, but to see that something had happened on our block gave me a real rush yesterday, it meant that our dream is getting that little bit closer!

Our neighbours plans have also been approved, and they also have little red pegs. I can’t wait to see some building action up our end of the estate soon!