Wow, those ‘variations’ add up, don’t they?

So I thought it might be a good idea to start a spreadsheet, to keep track of all the variations we’re approving. And I’m glad I did! Because now I can order the defibrillator before I tell hubs how much these “variations” are going to cost us!

It’s so easy to just say “yes” to $100 here, and “yes” to $268 there. I mean, in the scheme of things, what’s a few hundred dollars, when you’re building something in the vicinity of $400k?

But MAN it adds up when you put them all together!

Thankfully we haven’t exceeded our budget, we did have some money put aside for this, but it would be so easy to fall into the trap of approving all these variations and then realising that the cost is too much! So my advice for anyone who’s building, is to keep track of those variations right from the start. Have a budget, and have an idea of how much extra you want to spend on upgrades. Kitchen, electrical, air con, hot water controllers, additional garden taps, etc etc etc. They add up VERY fast if you don’t keep an eye on them!

Thankfully my customer liaison person at Wisdom is doing a good job of sending through all the client variation sheets for sign off, so I can keep track of everything! Don’t know where I’d be without her!


We’re progressing, but ever so slowly…

Last week, I got a call from Wisdom to advise that Medallist had approved our plans. As you’ll recall, we had to get our plans redrawn, because they weren’t happy with our setbacks, and so we had to move the garage back by 3cm. Well that made some little pencil pusher happy, because the review board approved our plans last week. Finally!

And today I received another phone call from Wisdom to advise that we have today been submitted to council! So whilst it’s happening slowly, it is happening!

I am incredibly nervous though about everything. There are things happening in the background that I don’t wish to go in to here, but suffice to say I feel like sometimes it would be easier to just cut our losses and walk away from this whole process. I’ve been having some very negative thoughts lately, which have been making me quite upset. However this week I decided that what will be will be, and I’m now only having positive thoughts! I have good feelings about the direction that things are now moving, I know I have professionals assisting me who are doing their utmost to make sure we get the outcome we would like, and I am sure it will all work out for the best.

I hope…

So we’re signing off our kitchen, bathroom & laundry plans this weekend. We changed our mind a little bit with the kitchen. We were going to go with polyurethane cupboards along the walls, just in white, but we decided to downgrade to laminate instead (with the colour and finish we’d originally chosen, we’ll be achieving much the same look) and instead we’ve used the money to upgrade to 40mm Caesarstone for the benchtops. I think it will give the kitchen a much nicer finish. Especially with the 40mm waterfall ends on the island bench!

This weekend we’re heading out to Rosehill Racecourse, to go to the Swimming Pool, Spa and Outdoor Living Expo. We are still toying with the idea of putting in a pool. We don’t want anything large, and if we do have one, it will almost be like a cross between a pool and a water feature if you can imagine what I mean. There are a lot of fibreglass pool shapes that would help us achieve what we’re after so we’re off to check out the different pool builders and see who’s offering good deals. At the moment we have this big blow up pool in the yard of our little townhouse, and whilst it’s obviously not the same as a “real” pool, I see how much the kids love being in it, and how lovely it is also for us to float around and keep cool, and we’re thinking more and more that a pool will feature in our new home at some point. Even if it’s just the blow-up one for starters!

It appears that our neighbours are also about to build – we received notification from Council this week for their home. It’s a single story home, looks very nice. I would have thought that given the position of our blocks, being at the back of the estate and slightly elevated, that people would build double storey to take advantage of the views, but it appears this isn’t the case. I’m kind of glad actually, as we know that on at least one side we won’t have neighbours peering into our yard from their 2nd floor!

So anyway, here are our plans. Maybe one day we’ll actually be living here…

Facade - Front Elevation

Ground Floor

First Floor