Electrical consultation

We met today with Luke from Wisdom Homes, for our electrical plan consultation.

Every time we go to a meeting regarding the house, I vow that I’ll never take the kids with us again, as they get bored within a minute, and make life incredibly difficult the whole time we are there. Today was no exception. Will I ever learn?

So the meeting went well. I zoned out for most of it, and left the details to my darling husband, who is more the expert in that area. And he was pleased with how it all went. Luke from Wisdom was very nice, and explained everything to us, so we felt comfortable when we left.

Then half way home we remembered some other things we needed to discuss and totally forgot about. Typical! A quick email to Luke when we got home should hopefully have it all resolved by Monday. And I don’t think the extras that we included today are going to cost us too much, which is even better news!

We are still waiting approval from the Stonecutters Ridge Review Board on our plans; Medallist have had the plans since before Christmas, and because of the holidays they didn’t do anything with them until last week. Then earlier this week we found out that they required our garage to be set back further than it was, so the architect had to redraw the plans to move the garage back a WHOLE 3cm. Yep. 3. Centimeters. FFS.

So hopefully we’ll have developer approval next week, so that we can submit our plans (finally) to council. I feel like we’ve had them FOREVER and yet we’re making absolutely no progress. I want to be in my new house NOW!