Colours are done!

Last Saturday, we went out to The Ponds display home and met with Wisdom’s landscaper, and colour consultant, who were both just lovey! We sat down first with the landscaper, and went through what we want for our yard. It was a pretty easy process, and we’re happy with the result.

Then we sat down and went through all of our colour selection. This was something that I had been looking forward to, but I was also quite nervous, as it’s such a huge decision, and it’s so hard to visualise what the finished result will be like. Thankfully, Anita made it super easy, and her confidence in our decisions certainly made us feel like we’ve made some good choices.

So the colours we’ve chosen are:


Bricks: Austral Symmetry Asphalt

External Cladding: Bristol “Joey”

Render: Dune

Garage door: Dune

Paint on timber balcony posts: Joey

Eaves: Offwhite

Roof: Woodland Grey

Gutters: Woodland Grey

Fascia: Woodland Grey

Windows: Anodic Natural Matt (silver)


Benchtop: 40mm Caesarstone – White Shimmer

Wall cupboards: Laminex, white (matt finish)

Island bench cupboards/drawers: Laminex, Espresso, natural finish


Benchtop: Caesarstone – Walnut

Cupboards: White laminex


Benchtop: Laminex Natural Quartz, natural finish

Cupboards: Laminex Stipple Seal, natural finish

Interal Walls:

Bristol “White Smoke”

We received the landscaping plans back on Friday which we signed off, and so our plans are now with the developer for approval. It finally feels like we’re starting to move in the right direction. We won’t hear anything back from them this side of Christmas, but hopefully by mid-January we’ll have developer approval, and we can then submit to council!