We got the valuation from our lender this week, and it is EXACTLY the right amount. So now we are moving forward with signing the contract tonight. I can’t wait!!!


Contract received

The plans were fixed up pretty quickly by Wisdom, and all appear to be fine. Yesterday we received the contract which we’re currently working through.

It would be so fantastic if we were able to receive approvals before Christmas, so that we’re cleared to start on site in the new year. I’m not holding my breath, probably just wishful thinking, but it would be lovely!

A change of plans

That’s not as bad as it sounds! We went out and saw our sales person at Wisdom on Saturday, and we’ve made a few minor alterations to the plans. Nothing huge, but it has cost us more money! We walked through the house again, and decided to include a few more things that are shown on the display home that we just love. Like the dropped ceiling in the kitchen, amongst other things.

And then today, we made the decision to go with a Colourbond roof, instead of tile. We toyed with the idea of replacing the roof on our old house with Colourbond, as it really needed repairs, and at the time it was going to cost us close to $20k, so we didn’t do it. But we’ve always thought it would be nice to have a Colourbond roof. Not just for the sound of the rain, but for the thermal properties, and the obvious aesthetic value. And so, for a minimal additional investment, we decided to go for it! So now we just have to wait for the revised plans to come through, which will hopefully be at the end of the week, and then we can sign the tender.

I’m also working on our landscaping plan for council submission. It’s hard to try & imagine what the finished result will be, but I’m trying to get something realistic and achievable that will not only satisfy Medallist and council, but will eliminate the requirement of us having to pay around $500 for Wisdom to do this for us! Money is better in our pocket than theirs!

We’re also just waiting to get pre-approval on finance, which should hopefully come through this week too. Things feel like they are starting to move a bit.