Tender, Tender, where for art thou, Tender?

Last week we decided that it’s time to bite the bullet and move forward with this project. We have agreed that, whilst the mortgage we are going to have is going to make things a bit tighter, this is the house we want, so there’s no point procrastinating any further.

We have received 2 tender documents already from Wisdom, the first was quite expensive, and the second had a few changes to bring the cost down a bit. The biggest change was to move the whole home back by 1.5 meters, which would remove the need to drop the garage down, hence saving a few thousand dollars. However we feel that, over the course of a 30 year mortgage, that few thousand dollar saving isn’t really enough to justify us losing 1.5m of our back yard. And so we’re on waiting on Wisdom to combine the two tenders into one final document, so that we can sign off on it.

I wouldn’t have thought this would be too difficult, and I sent it through to them on Wednesday last week, but here we are, Monday, and I still haven’t seen anything! I spoke to our sales guy this morning and he said hopefully today or tomorrow. So fingers crossed that we’ll be progressing to the development of plans very soon!

I had also resigned myself to the idea that we probably won’t be turning soil on the block until early 2011, based on the assumption that council will be taking around 8-12 weeks to approve plans, however a few of our soon-to-be neighbours yesterday said that their approval came through within only 4-6 weeks. That would be fantastic if that were the case – it means that we could conceivably be in the house before Christmas next year! That would be the best Christmas present ever!


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