Change of plans…

Didn’t go to Masterton today like we’d planned. We’re not really that excited about the home now, and we know the tender price is going to be way too much. So we’ve put it off until we have to go back out to Wisdom, we’ll do it all in the one day I think. Plus, I wasn’t really keen on the Masterton sales guy – he was too smooth for my liking. I just know as soon as he presents the tender he’s going to put pressure on.

So instead we spent the day wandering the shops trying to figure out what to buy Michael for his birthday. Still no closer to any decisions there either!


Design Guidelines & Tenders

Time to make myself familiar with the Building Design Guidelines for Stonecutters Ridge. I figure that the better educated I am in this process, the more smoothly it will all run. So I’m starting with the guidelines. They are pretty reasonable I think, nothing too unreasonable in them. And if we do go ahead with Wisdom I’m confident that they will know them inside out as well, as they are building quite a few houses at Stonecutters, including another 2 Manhattan’s!

We are also going back out to Masterton today to go through our initial ‘free’ tender. Not sure how comprehensive it will be, but it’s a starting point I guess. This is for the Villina 41 design that we like, however I really do prefer the Wisdom. Can’t wait for their tender to come back!

I went for a drive around the estate last night – I haven’t been there at night before so was wondering what it looked like all lit up. Our street is very dark, only a few street lights, but obviously no homes yet. I can’t wait until we live there!

The search for the dream home begins…

Well, the last few weekends have been spent traipsing around display villages. We’ve traveled from Kellyville down to Campbelltown, out to Oran Park and back to Kellyville again.

We spent a fair bit of time out at Metricon at The Ponds, we really do like their homes. We started off loving the Liberty, but then we changed our mind when we saw the Nevada. We had preliminary quotes on both homes, but to get all of the inclusions that we would want puts them over the budget unfortunately.

So we’ve been considering so many different homes. And just when we think we’ve got a short list, I drag Michael to see another display village or builder, and we find something else again that we like. It’s just too hard!

So our short list now comprises of:
Masterton Villina 41 (nice and open, and they do a free site inspection and initial tender – bonus!)
Wisdom Manhattan 43 (love it, love it, love it)
Eden Brae Entertainer (but not my favourite)
Clarendon Sunnydale 38 (has the most amazing master bedroom!)
Fowler Home Monte Carlo 40 (this size isn’t built anywhere so I’m nervous about building something without seeing it first)
Casaview Homes Grange 39 (probably going to be too expensive though)
Metricon Nevada (still really love this but it’s just too expensive I think)

There are so many that we like, the problem is that to move to the next step with any of them (except Masterton) requires us to part with a significant amount of money (well, I consider up to $1000 significant!). And that’s really just to get a price! I know they do site inspections as well, but we’re just finding it hard to take that next step. I know we’re going to have to bite the bullet soon, but we’re just not quite ready.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…