We’re so cool…

Well, our cooling off period ended today, so it looks like our house is definitely sold! There’s obviously still the chance that the purchasers could change their mind, but from what we can gather, they love the house as much as we do, so I think it’s a slim chance of that happening.

And the other good news is that the land we like at Stonecutters Ridge was released, and yesterday I put a holding deposit on the block that we like. Woo hoo!!! We have chosen Block 1507, which is towards the rear of the estate, away from the golf course, but it’s elevated so we have views. And it’s right across the road from a park and playground. There is pastoral land behind us, so we will only have a neighbour on each side. I’m so excited!

Quick update to this post – the purchasers asked this morning if we would consider extending the cooling off period because they were still trying to finalise a few things. We agreed, didn’t really have any problem with doing that. Anyway, late this afternoon there was a knock on the door, and the purchaser was on the front porch with a bunch of flowers, to thank us for being so flexible. How nice was that! So pleased that nice people are going to be living in our house…


Sore feet, cranky kids, and homeless

Now we’ve put together a short list of what we want in a house. Our requirements are:

– 4 bedroom
– Study
– Double garage
– Alfresco area
– Pool, or room for one
– Quiet street
– Close to schools and parks/playgrounds

So we spent the weekend looking at houses. What a weekend! On Saturday morning, I loaded up the car with 2 kids, and hit the open homes. We had a very tight schedule, with only minutes to get from one house to another. We must have looked at 10 houses! Single storey, double storey, big blocks, small blocks, beautiful and downright ugly!

We went back in the afternoon to look at a couple that I liked, and dragged Michael along this time. He managed to get out of the open house circus during the morning because he took Lachlan to soccer. I would have rather been there, I can tell you.

By the end of the day, the kids were FERAL! I had a screaming headache, sore feet, and we were no closer to finding something that we liked. All the nice houses we looked at were either on small (read “postage stamp”) blocks, or they were so close to the neighbours that you would be able to look out the window and see them changing their minds. Or if they were on a nice quiet street, which is one of our criteria, then the houses were just not what we wanted.

On the way home, we thought we’d pop into Homeworld Kellyville, just to restore our faith that there are nice houses out there. As we wandered from home to home, our thoughts started turning towards the possibility of buying land and building, and we talked about how real the possibility was. It’s a definite option!

So a quick drive out to The Ponds to get an idea of land prices and sizes quickly brought us back down to earth. How small were the blocks?? A 350sqm block, are you kidding me? So that’s where the garage goes, where do you put the house?

Feeling a bit less enthusiastic now, we started driving home, and stumbled upon the Metricon display homes at The Ponds. What beautiful homes! Too bad they would be totally wasted on those small blocks of land though. When we voiced this to the salesman, he told us to go and have a look at Stonecutters Ridge. So we drove through there on our way home, and our whole direction changed.

This was the lifestyle we could see for ourselves. A beautiful estate, larger block sizes, quiet streets, and a real community feel. We loved it straight away!

Sunday morning, Mother’s Day, we all piled in the car again and headed back out to Metricon to talk further and see if we could really do this. And the end result was that yes, we think we can! We poured back through all the information and plans that we’d picked up from SCR, and chose the block that we like. We just have to wait now for the land that we like to be released for sale. How exciting!!!

Holy Moly, that was fast!


So the house went on the market on Wednesday. It showed up on all the major real estate websites, and we were so happy with how the photos turned out. It looked amazing!

I got a phone call on Thursday afternoon from the agent to tell me that they were bringing someone through on Friday. How exciting! We didn’t expect to have any interest quite so soon, especially because the agent told us that it would take a bit of time. But we’d only been on the market for a day and already there was interest. Maybe this is a good sign of things to come?

But the family that came through hadn’t sold their house yet, and so couldn’t do anything until they sold. But the feedback was good apparently. So that made us feel quite good. The one thing I didn’t count on during this whole process was just how vulnerable I felt, and how exposed it made me feel, knowing that strangers were going through my house and judging it (and by “it” I mean “me”!).

Anyway, Michael and I were flying up to Hayman Island on the Sunday for a few days break, sans kids, which we were quite excited about. After all the stress & rush of the last 8 weeks or so, getting the house ready, we really needed the break. So we started getting organised to head up there, and on Saturday morning we got a call from the agent to say that they were bringing another 4 families through that day. FOUR! When on earth were we going to pack if we had to evacuate the house all day for these people?

So we evacuated the house on the Saturday, took the kids to McDonald’s for lunch, drove around looking at houses and areas that we thought we might like to live in when we eventually did sell. Drove passed our house a few times to stalk the people who were looking at it, to see if they looked like nice people! We had very strict instructions from our neighbours on the kind of people they wanted in the house! And all the people that we saw looked nice, thankfully!

So we’re sitting at McDonald’s waiting for the last inspection to finish, and the agent called and says “good news, we’ve had 2 offers!” One of them was too low, which we rejected immediately. The other was low, but we made a counter offer, and he called back again with 1/2 hour to say they had accepted it. Unbelievable. We sold our house in 3 days! Saturday was a blur – we came back home and quickly rushed to pack, dropped the kids off at my cousins for the weekend, came back home and the agent came over and got us to sign the contract before we flew to Hayman. What a whirlwind!

And so then we could relax for 3 blissful nights on Hayman Island, not worrying about who might be going through the house, not worried about if or when it might sell. We’d done it – we’d sold our house. It made us both feel so proud that all the work we’d done over the last 8 years was appreciated by someone else who saw the value in it.

While we were away I spent quite a bit of time on my iPhone scouring Domain looking for our next home. We couldn’t wait to get back and start searching!

We're Sold!


Relaxing on Hayman Island

Cocktails by the pool